Award winning Sierra Line Studios delivers powerful digital experiences through a blend of strategy, creativity, passion & expertise for the design & production of all manner of digital creative.

Media & Marketing

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Publishing
  • Design for Print
  • Social Media

Video Production

  • HD Commercials
  • 3D Animation
  • Documentaries
  • Short Films
  • Music Videos

Interactive Media

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Custom Programming
  • Digital Animation
  • User Interface Design

The Origins

Sierra Line Studios was founded in 2006 when Hector "The Director" started to live his dream of becoming a filmmaker. At the time, Hector was living with his youngest sister Tania, who at the time was an aspiring designer and web developer. Both, Hector and Tania started what would soon become an award winning creative studio. Once the studio was stablished in Orlando, Florida the oldest sibling, Karla decided to move to Florida in order to be part of the team. Karla who specializes on marketing, sales and product quality.


  • Hector Sierra

    Film Director

    Award winning producer, director, editor, entrepreneur and marketer, 10+ years experience across a full spectrum of film and videos productions including short films, music videos, TV ads, documentaries, tutorial videos and corporate videos.

  • Tania Sierra

    Creative Director

    Talented designer with 8 years of experience in advertising, marketing, graphic and web design, fashion design, photography, filmmaking. Highly motivated, creative, and versatile. Especially skilled in creating and directing corporate and new business design.

  • Karla Sierra

    Accounts Director

    Sales expert who has been connecting people and products with a diverse experience in international marketing, sales and business developtment to create a platform were clients can interact and work with the creative team in order to achieve their sales goals.

  • Minda Stephens


    Former Fellow with the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs for playwrighting, and has won scriptwriting competitions that include: Stageworks’ Brave New Voices, the McLean Comedy Competition, the Midwestern Radio Theatre Production and Theatre Americana production awards.

  • A B M Mehedi Hasan

    IT Director

    Project manager with over 5 years of experience in software requirement analysis, design plan, project management, product designing, marketing. Self motivated, Quick Learner, Master of Business Administration & Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

We love what we do

We are a team of specialists who invent, pioneer and deliver digital solutions.

We work in partnership with academic institutions, thought leaders and technology think-tanks to discover new processes and new solutions. But it’s more than that – whilst we understand the nitty gritty academic theory, we also understand what makes consumers really tick. This leaves us in an unique position where we can align businesses with the opportunities that the ever-changing technology landscape presents, always putting our clients’ customers first.

Video & Animation
  • Short Documentary
    Music Video
    Commercial Ad
    Promotional Video
    Volunteer Work
    Promotional Video
    Commercial Ad

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